Android, UWP, iOS(C# via Uno Platform) SDKs

We currently do not have polished SDKs ready for purchase.

We have determined that the cost of producing, especially maintaining, off-the-shelf SDKs is too high to make them viable. This is because we would need to provide the following for such SDKs:

  • Responsive technical support for all users anytime. We are developers, so we know well that SDK users cannot afford to wait for days to get an answer to a question. An answer needs to come in no more than a few hours, if not minutes.
  • Maintenance in sync with our constant improvement of libraries.
  • Documentation in sync with frequent updates.

The cost of the above efforts would drive the price of the SDKs too high for limited sales despite periodical requests for such SDKs.

We have provided our libraries to a few partners for use in their own applications. Each case is a collaboration project. The cost consists of the following:

  1. Base license fee depending on the sales volume of the application. The starting prices is $2,000
  2. Effort to help a partner integrate a library with their application. We usually offer a simple sample application based on the requirements of a partner. It starts at $500 and is usually sufficient. Any further effort will incur cost calculated based on the lower end of software consulting rate in Greater Boston - $100/hour.

With most partners, we provide customized versions of our published applications.