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i-PRO Americas - Advidia

Total: 58

Name Firmware
A-17-F V5.4.4
A-17-F12 V5.4.4
A-18-F V5.4.4
A-27-F V5.4.4
A-28-F V5.4.4
A-28-Z V5.4.0
A-28-ZH V5.4.0
A-300 V5.4.20
A-37-F V5.4.4
A-37-F6.0 V5.4.4
A-37-FW V5.4.4
A-38-F V5.4.4
A-38-F4.0 V5.4.4
A-427-V V5.5.30 build 171207
A-45-F V5.5.62 build 190103
A-45-F2.8 V5.5.62 build 190103
A-46-F V5.5.62 build 190103
A-46-F-6.0 V5.5.62 build 190103
A-46-FW V5.5.62 build 190103
A-47-F V5.4.4
A-47-F2.8 V5.4.4
A-49-F V5.5.62 build 190103
A-49-F-2.8 V5.5.62 build 190103
A-87-V V5.5.62 build 190429
A-88-V V5.5.62 build 190429
B-200-PTZ A1D-501-V7.06.03-NB
B-27-V IPC_G6103-B0010P10D1806C25
B-38-V A1D-900-A2.04.04-NB
B-57-V A1D-900-A3.03.19-NB
B-ENC-16 A1D-601-H2.04.01-NB
E-37-FSW 2.460.0001.13.R, Build Date 2017-09-18
E-46-V 2.800.10FU000.0.R, Build Date 2019-05-17
E-47-V 2.623.0000.0.R, Build Date 2018-04-16
M-200-P QIPC-B2202.3.75.C03808.L60.220120
M-24-V-T DIPC-B1216.5.5.C03843.230221
M-26-V DIPC-B1216.5.5.C03843.230221
M-29-V DIPC-B1216.5.5.C03843.230221
M-400-P QIPC-B2202.3.75.C03850.NB.220516
M-44-FW-L GIPC-B6202.7.10.C03830.NB.221018
M-44-V-T GIPC-B6202.5.79.C00020.NB.220121
M-44-V-T-V2 GIPC-B6202.5.37.C03831.L60.220111
M-45-FW GIPC-B6202.5.79.C00020.NB.220121
M-45-FW-V2 GIPC-B6202.5.37.C03831.L60.220111
M-46-F GIPC-B6202.5.79.C00020.NB.220121
M-46-F-V2 GIPC-B6202.5.37.C03831.L60.220111
M-46-FW GIPC-B6202.5.79.C00020.NB.220121
M-46-FW-V2 GIPC-B6202.5.37.C03831.L60.220111
M-46-V GIPC-B6202.5.37.C03831.L60.220111
M-49-FW GIPC-B6202.7.10.C03830.NB.221018
M-49-V GIPC-B6202.5.37.C03831.L60.220111
M-5360 GIPC-B6203.6.10.C03805.NB.220913
M-84-FW-L GIPC-B6203.6.10.C03858.NB.221206
M-87-V GIPC-B6203.3.15.C03880.L60.NB.220120
M-89-F-L GIPC-B6203.3.15.C03880.L60.NB.220120
P-24 5.00
P-240 5.00
P-25 5.00
P-3360-OD 5.00

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