Win IP Camera Help



A TRUE network (i.e. IP) camera

Win IP Camera turns any Windows Phone 8.1 device into a powerful Wi-Fi enabled true network camera with battery power, internal and external storage.  It can become a double-camera (front and rear) for some Windows Phone devices. 


The Windows Phone device needs to be on a WiFi network for the streaming to work.  Cellular data connection most likely blocks the incoming connection.

Win IP Camera selects a camera and starts streaming immediately upon opening. Win IP Camera creates two users(admin/admin, viewer/viewer) initially for you, and you can change them(add, delete, modify) anytime.


The second hub section (Controls and Status) shows the URLs that you can use for streaming.  There are two categories of software that you can use to stream the video: browsers and non-browser apps.

Among all browsers, Firefox has the most reliable support for MJPEG streaming.  Its only shortcoming is not supporting JPEG snapshot. 

For browsers, you can use the following URLs:

For viewing on the same LAN as your Windows Phone device:


where [myip] is the LAN IP address (e.g. 192.168.x.x), and [port] is the listening port that is 8080 by default, but can be changed by you.


For viewing on the WAN (i.e. outside your LAN):


where [my_dynamic_DNS_address] is the dynamic DNS address you have set up to access your LAN router, [forwarding_port] is the port on your router forwarded to the listening port of the streaming Windows Phone device.


For other apps supporting MJPEG, please add "/mjpeg" to the above URLs as following:




Section Video Capture Device

Select a camera by using the combo box, and Win IP Camera starts streaming from the selected video capture device (e.g. a camera) immediately using its highest resolution unless you have selected another resolution with the combo box below the camera selection combo box. This section shows the preview of the video.  Please note the preview video is different from the actual output video.  They have the same images, but the latter may have significantly lower frame rate which depends on the network bandwidth, the Windows Phone device's power.

Section  Controls and Status

Use the Streaming toggle switch to turn on/off the streaming.

Use the Power Saving toggle switch to blacken or display the screen.  Please switch on the Power Saving when you are not watching the screen.  It saves a significant amount of power. Tap the screen to turn off the power saving mode.

Use the Flashlight toggle switch to turn on/off the flashlight if the selected camera supports it. Some cameras do not have a flashlight.

The number of current streaming connections is displayed. Click to terminate all connections.  Please note this does not prevent clients from establishing new streaming connections.

The URLs that can be used for viewing the video are displayed. Click to email the instructions.

Section Settings

Use the port text box to change the port. Clicking will make the new port setting take effect and terminate all connections.  Please note that viewing URLs will change accordingly.

Click button "Manage Users" to add, delete, or modify users.

Click "Access Log" (Pro) to display the access log.  You can modify the access log and save it.  We suggest shorten long access logs to save storage space.

Click  button "Support the app and get more features" to upgrade the app to the Pro version.

Pro Version features:

No concurrent connection limit (maximum 2 concurrent connections for the free version).

No user limit (maximum 2 users for the free version).

Access log.

Switch camera remotely

Switch on/off streaming remotely.

Switch on/off flashlight remotely.

Terminate connections remotely.

Access log remotely.

Play siren on alarm.