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High compatibility - supporting 10,000+ models

Supporting ONVIF® allows 10,000+ ONVIF models to be plugged and work instantly. Older non-ONVIF devices can be added as generic RTSP or MJPEG.

Future proof - maximizing your investment return

Our commitment to international standards (ONVIF, RTSP, MJPEG...) and your use of standard compliant components makes your system immune to getting obsolete with any vendor proprietary technologies. You will be free to add, remove and change any hardware or software components including our apps without worrying about compatibility. When you use standard compliant components, you are free of vendor lock-in, hence have numerous hardware manufacturers and software developers compete for your interest. You choose the most innovative, cost-effective and high quality components at will.

High performance

Our relentless effort to optimize our own decoders without any legacy burden results in unrivaled video performance. Fully utilizing the hardware codec on a device ensures the user gets the best out of his device. We have also adapted our decoders to accommodate some devices that are not strictly standard compliant to accommodate as many customers as possible.

Non-stop innovation driven by our vision and your feedback

Innovation and improvement is our daily task. We are committed to making our apps to be the best in their categories. We are keen to hear users' constructive feedback to help improve our apps. The apps are essentially the outcome of our vision and your feedback.

ONVIF is a trademark of ONVIF, Inc.