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Win IP Camera

Turn a Windows Phone into a high-end true IP Camera


Updated 2020-01-02

Current version: 2020.2     Release Date:2020-01-02

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If you have an old idling Windows Phone device, Win IP Camera turns it into a high-end IP Camera instantly. One would pay over $200 for a high-end IP camera with HD video, WiFi, battery power, internal and external storage, flashlight and double-lens. You can use it to monitor your home, your business, your babies, your pets, etc. just like using a high quality security camera.

Win IP Camera also allows you to broadcast to the world. Since it has turned your Windows Phone into a true IP camera, the video stream can be accessed anywhere in the world (port forwarding setup is required).

Main Features:

True IP Camera Can be accessed with any software (including browsers) supporting IP cameras or MJPEG.
Multi-camera Any camera of a device with multiple cameras can be selected for streaming. Remote camera selection is also available for the Pro version.
Multi-resolution Any resolution supported by a camera can be selected for streaming. Remote resolution change is also available for the Pro version.
Two-way audio (Pro) Crystal clear two-way audio.
Flashlight Flashlight can be turned on/off. Remote flashlight control is available for the Pro version.
Dual-orientation Support both landscape and portrait orientations.
User Management Full-featured user management system with privilege levels to guard the security of the camera access.
Port configuration Access HTTP port can be modified to suit any special port configuration needs.
Remote Control The Pro version allows the remote control of many functions: turning streaming on/off, turning flashlight on/off, switch cameras, access log retrieval, terminate connections...
Events Audio alarm, snapshot capture, siren (Pro) triggered by events.
Access Log (Pro) Monitor access in details.
Discoverable Can be discovered automatically on a LAN by IP CENTCOM apps.

Version Comparison

Win IP Camera FREE Win IP Camera Pro
HD MJPEG Streaming
Two-Way (Listen and Talk) Audio
Max Number of Concurrent Video Streaming 2No Limit
Allow anonymous user
Select Camera
Select Video Resolution
Support Both Landscape and Portrait Camera Orientations
Port Configuration
Streaming Video Preview
Streaming Service Port Selection
Discoverable by IP CENTCOM
Share Streaming Instructions
Power Saving Mode
Full Featured User Management
Max Number of Users2No Limit
Alarm Snapshot Capture
Alarm Email Notification
Alarm Siren
View Access Log
Remote Snapshot
Remote Status Retrieval
Remote Camera Switch
Remote Video Resolution Change
Remote Turning on/off Video Streaming
Remote Turning on/off Flashlight
Remote Connection Termination
Remote Access Log Viewing
Remote Access Log Downloading

2020-04-15 V2020.1

  • Improved UI.
  • Localization for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian,

2020-01-02 V2020.0

  • Improved UI.
  • Localization for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian,

2018-04-06 V2018.1

  • New (Pro): allow media file location selection.
  • Hide status and navigation bars for power saving mode.

2017-08-08 V2017.807.0.34

  • New (Pro): Email notification on alarm.

2017-05-16 V2017.519.0.32

  • New (Pro): battery mode to save power. Video streaming stops 10 seconds after the last connection, and restarts as soon as a connection request arrives.
  • Improved home page UI.

2017-05-10 V2017.510.0.29

  • Improved the user management UI.

2017-05-08 V2017.508.0.28

  • New (Pro): support the option to allow anonymous user (set under user management).

2017-04-03 V2017.403.0.27

  • New: preview is zoomable.

2017-03-27 V2017.327.0.26

  • Improved UI and in-app user instructions.
  • Improved home page.

2017-03-23 V2017.323.0.24

  • Added talk so that the audio is two-way.

2017-03-13 V2017.313.0.22

  • Improved default camera resolution selection.
  • Added access log file checking and clearing.
  • Improved the home screen UI.

2017-03-08 V2017.308.0.20

  • Improved the audio performance and the default web page.

2017-03-03 V2017.307.0.19

  • Added audio.
  • Added remote access log downloading.
  • Added remote video resolution modification.

2017-03-03 V2017.303.0.17

  • Improved reliability.

2017-02-27 V2017.227.0.16

  • Added API for resolution change.
  • Added API for integration with IP CENTCOM.

2017-02-24 V2017.224.0.14

  • Improved performance significantly with a small cost of quality.
  • Fixed an output MJPEG stream bug that affects some MJPEG client apps.

2017-02-23 V2017.223.0.13

  • Added discovery capability.
  • Improved reliability.

2017-02-19 V2017.219.0.12

  • Improved performance, reliability and UI.

2017-02-14 V2017.214.0.10

  • Improved performance, reliability and UI.

2015-12-15 V2015.1215.0.6

  • Fixed a bug of the user management.
  • Added a review link to the default page.

2015-09-02 V2015.902.0.4

  • Improved UI.
  • Added connection count to the home page for browsers.

2015-08-19 V2015.819.0.3

  • Improved reliability and performance.

2015-08-11 V2015.810.0.2

  • Further reduction of memory footprint.
  • Performance improvement.

2015-08-02 V2015.801.0.1

  • Forced by Microsoft new store to change the version format.
  • Further reduction of memory footprint.
  • Improved reliability.

2015-07-14 V1.16

  • Improved error handling.

2015-06-03 V1.15

  • Further reduction of resource demand.
  • Improved error handling.

2015-05-28 V1.14

  • Fixed a bug related to user management.
  • Removed duplicate resolutions.
  • Improved status display.
  • Reduced sampling FPS for lower-memory devices.
  • Improved performance.

2015-05-26 V1.13

  • First release supporting events.
  • Audio alarm.
  • Audio alarm triggered snapshot capturing.
  • Audio alarm triggered siren (Pro).

2015-05-13 V1.12

  • Added status command.
  • Added status display to the home page.

2015-05-11 V1.11

  • Improved home page.
  • Improved error handling.

2015-05-06 V1.10

  • Added camera resolution selection.

2015-05-04 V1.9

  • Added remote camera switching.

2015-04-27 V1.8

  • Improved camera initialization error handling.
  • Now snapshot on the home page opens a new window.

2015-04-22 V1.7

  • Improved the home page for browsers.
  • Improved suspension and resuming handling.
  • Improved error handling for Windows Phone OS version older than 8.10.14176.243.
  • Improved active display handling.

2015-04-17 V1.6

  • Reduced memory footprint.
  • Improved performance to reduce video latency.

2015-04-16 V1.5

  • Fixed a bug related power saving.
  • Improved memory and error handling.

2015-04-13 V1.4

  • Improved the Web UI.

2015-04-11 V1.3

  • Improved reliability.

2015-04-05 V1.2

  • Improved orientation handling.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

2015-04-02 V1.1

  • Initial release.