In control anywhere, anytime

You are in control wherever you go

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Note: This Silverlight app is supported by Firefox, Internet Explorer, but not Chrome.

For consumers

  • No more installation of ActiveX controls, any other add-ons or player to monitor your cameras. They are not allowed on computers of public or work places.
  • No more browser variation. You see the same familiar user interface on all platforms.
  • No more need to remember and type user name/password in order to monitor a camera every time
  • No more need for client software updating. You always use the latest version.
  • One place to go to view and control your cameras securely no matter where you are or which computer you use.
  • Select cameras to share live videos with friends.

For camera manufacturers

  • No more worry about the annoyance to users caused by platform dependent, security restricted ActiveX controls or any other add-ons.
  • Effective and fast communication with users about product updates.
  • Happy user experience enhances the appeal of products.
  • Word of mouth and video sharing enhances popularity of products.