Custom App Development

We have collaborated with partners around the globe (US, Asia, Europe) to develop custom apps utilizing our unrivaled strength in video streaming and ONVIF support. We welcome inquiries regarding custom app development.

Our strengths:

  • Proven track record of high performance and reliability of apps. Please check out our published apps and their reviews.
  • Outstanding efficiency. We are a very small team with zero bureaucracy.
  • Highly responsive and effective tech support. Urgent issues are addressed in a few hours if not in minutes.
  • Impeccable integrity. We follow contracts and often do more than what contracts dictate.
  • Superb flexibility. We do whatever it takes to produce the best products and services for users.

There are following Three types of custom apps we have produced:

App as a customized version of one of our apps with all the Pro features and requiring updates

The cost of this type is the sum of the following:

  1. Actual app customization cost based on the software engineering consulting rate in Greater Boston. This cost is primarily from the overhead of creating and maintaining a customized branch. It is largely fixed if the customization is cosmetic regardless of the number of required changes.
  2. A license fee for each copy of the app. It is usually significantly lower than the official Pro version license.

App with specific requirements, and no need for updates.

This type of app utilizes the core libraries that we have developed over the years to support high performance video and ONVIF services, and usually has limited UI requirements. They are usually completed in a few weeks. A prototype is usually delivered in a few days.

The cost of this type is the sum of the following:

  1. The lifetime binary library license fee ($2K - $10K depending on the distribution of the custom app).
  2. Actual app development cost based on the software engineering consulting rate in Greater Boston.

App as a part of a new product requiring updates and ongoing support.

For this type, we regard us as a part of the product development team. We invest our efforts by developing, supporting and improving the app, and often assisting the marketing and selling of the final product.

The cost of this type is calculated as following:

  1. Partial development cost. Since we are currently a very small startup unable to take too much risk, we charge a fee paid usually in multiple installments during the development. It usually covers less than half of the estimated development cost.
  2. Residual/Royalty. We receives a residual/royalty for each sold unit of a co-developed product (usually a tiny portion of the revenue). It compensates for the uncovered initial development cost, and the ongoing app support and improvement. It varies among products, and may change over the lifetime of a product. This payment scheme helps align our interests closely with the success of co-developed products.
Android, UWP, iOS(C# via Uno Platform) SDKs to support high performance RTSP video streams, and ONVIF devices with over 10,000 different models