How to enable ONVIF services for Axis A1001

Axis devices' ONVIF services are not enabled by default. Their ONVIF services need to be enabled to use ONVIF client apps such as our IP CENTOM or Onvier to work with them. Enabling ONVIF services for A1001 is slightly different from other Axis devices. The following are the steps to enable them:

  1. Go to the home page of the web GUI.
  2. Select "Setup".
  3. Select "Additional Controller Configuration" to bring up the regular Axis configuration UI. The following steps are the same for other Axis devices.
  4. Select "System Options > ONVIF", then click "Add...".
  5. Create an ONVIF user, then click "OK". You are all set for enjoying A1001's extensive ONVIF Profile C functions.