How to use a laptop as a straightforward battery powered portable standard monitor

A laptop can be turned into a mobile straightforward standard monitor instantly. A battery powered portable standard monitor has a variety of use scenarios (e.g., troubleshooting any device with an HDMI video output). The following are the simple steps:

  1. Obtain an HDMI video capture card. It costs less than $20.
  2. Plug the card into the laptop.
  3. Run free app Camera Alternative and select the HDMI video input as the camera. The Pro version has a monitor mode that hides the title bar and control overlay (buttons for snapshots, video recording...).
  4. Now, the laptop has become a standard monitor with an HDMI input. You just need to connect your video output device (a motherboard, Raspberry PI, camcorder, a desktop computer, a laptop under repair...) to the HDMI port of the video capture card and you are all set. Quick and simple.