How to use Microsoft Debug Diagnostic Tool to collect app crash information

Some users kindly help us diagnose Windows app crashes that we are unable to reproduce on any of our Windows devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and Xbox). The following are step-by-step instructions to collect crash information for us to analyze. Windows app IP CENTCOM is used as an example here.

  1. Download Debug Diagnostic Tool v2 Update 3
  2. Install the tool. This results in 3 programs and 1 help document:
  3. Run DebugDiag 2 Collection:
  4. DebugDiag 2 Collection prompts you to create a rule when you run it for the first time since there are no default rules. Select "Crash":
  5. Select "A specific process":
  6. Select "IP_CENTCOM.exe" on the process list or type "IP_CENTCOM.exe" :
  7. Select "Full UserDump" for "action type for unconfigured first chance exception":
  8. Select "Yes":
  9. Accept the default rule name unless you prefer a different name:
  10. Select "Activate the rule now" to finish the setup:
  11. Userdump Count will increase from 0 to the maximum (10 in this case) or till the app crashes:
  12. If the Userdump Count reaches the maximum, the collection is completed. If the crash has not occurred, please reactivate the rule and continue the collection until the app crashes.
  13. Share the last dump file with us. Since the file can be quite large. Please use file sharing services such as OneDrive. The file with "Second_Chance_Exception" in its name is usually the most helpful one.
  14. Please delete the dump files after diagnosis because they may consume a lot of storage space.