How to use Google Photos for IP cameras' cloud storage

Many of our app users are interested in storing the media files generated for IP cameras (e.g. videos, snapshots) in the cloud. We currently do not offer this service. There are many cloud storage service providers that usually require paid subscriptions. Google Photos offers FREE cloud storage of 15 GB. The following are step-by-step instructions for setting up Google Photos and our Android app Onvier to store IP camera video and image files in the cloud automatically.

Set up Google Photos

  1. Select Google Photos:
  2. Select the your profile icon at the top right corner:
  3. Select Photos settings:
  4. Select Back up & Sync:
  5. Select Back up device folders:
  6. Select the folders that you want to back up. Onvier creates a folder to store video files for each camera. For example, the following screenshot shows folder Pictures and the folder for camera Train are selected. All snapshots are in folder Pictures.
  7. You can choose the upload size under Back up & sync

Set up Onvier (Pro).

This step is not required for cloud storage. It is for users who want to store media files in some specific folders.

  1. Go to Settings and select Custom under Media File Saving Location:
  2. The folder selection process is highly device dependent. We use Nokia 3.1 Plus running Android 9 (Pie) for this demo. Select the top left hamburger menu, then select the device folder (Nokia 3.1 Plus for our demo):
  3. Select folder Movies:
  4. Tap Select at the bottom right corner:

All your snapshots and video recording files will be automatically uploaded to Google Photos.